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Victorine Meyers

HR and Finance Department

A graduate of the Compiègne Business School, Victorine spent her first professional years in the Thales group, notably as manager of the European engineering group that designed the Athens metro.

After becoming a mother, she turned to issues related to parenthood and children's rights. She co-founded the OVEO (Observatory of Ordinary Educational Violence) and became involved as a volunteer in associations that defend family education. In parallel, she is an editor at Éditions l'Instant Présent, and worked for 10 years in the team of Grandir Autrement magazine as an accountant, layout artist and editor.

She is the author of the official biography of Michel Odent, and is president of the BDG association (local dance and sports association) and works daily for the superior right of the child. It is therefore quite natural that she accepted to join the Lab School team, where the child's well-being is at the heart of the team's concerns.

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