Who are we?

We are a non-profit organisation that brings together the activities of the Lab School Network and the Lab School Paris.


A network of researchers for educational renewal

An elementary and middle school, inspired

by research

The association office

Pascale Haag


Alice Balguerie


Marine Niox Chateau


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Our mission

Our actions have two main goals

The Lab School Network (LSN) is a network of actors from different horizons, and of citizens involved in educational renewal. Created in November 2015, at the initiative of Pascale Haag (EHESS), it includes researchers, teachers, representatives of public authorities, associations, institutions and companies.


To create a pilot school inspired by the concept of laboratory schools, the Lab School Paris, taking into account the contribution of research and applying scientifically validated teaching practices.

To contribute to the educational transition by conducting research-actions with the French Ministry of Education and by organizing seminars, meetings and events for various audiences.


Our training courses

We offer training for education professionals, as well as for the wider public - parents, grandparents and other adults who regularly take care of children. 

These training courses, developed by our partners, are offered to teachers at the Lab School Paris as part of their professional development. They are available to education professionals who align with our educational values and are looking for innovative training. 

Creating an alternative school based on the concept of the Lab School Paris

Positive psychology 

Join the Lab School Network by attending our events. Please make sure to sign up online beforehand so we may best accommodate you. 


Scientific breakfast

Romuald Normand (University of Strasbourg) will speak at an online conference. We will see how school organizations are managed in the United States, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore and how this direction evolves according to ethical and social criteria.

06/11/2021 - 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.


Our partners

Many ways to show your support 

Would you like to support us? 

Local partners


Institutional support


Support from Foundations



Discover our partners


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By financing full scholarships: € 8,950 / year for a child, or € 26,850 for a 3-years cycle (€ 10,740 after tax deduction)

Donating equipment

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By providing

educational material (textbooks, book, science equipment, PC, tablet, etc.) or classroom furniture (table, chair, blackboard, etc.)

Skills-based sponsorship

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By operationally taking part in the development

of our project: financial, legal, communication aspects, etc. All skills are welcome.

Offering visibility

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By promoting the

school, its research projects, and its resource center on social media.

By talking about it and sharing it with your network.


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By conducting

workshops with children, or by helping throughout the school day (meal time, extracurricular time) to find out more about the school

and its project