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Pre-registration for 2024-2025 for new families will open at the beginning of December.

The pre-registration procedure comprises three stages :

1- Attend an online information meeting. These will take place online, and you need to register in advance so that we can send you the link the day before.


You can also watch the recording of an information meeting on the opening of the Lycée, which includes a more general presentation of the school, and read the FAQ.

2- Pre-register via MyScol by creating an account. This will enable us to get to know your child and your motivations better.

3- Once registered on MyScol, a member of the team will contact you to let you know if there are places left and suggest that you continue the registration procedure. The application fee amounts to €70 per child, including membership of the association, an appointment with a member of the team and a half-day of trial (in cycle 2) or a day of study. test (in cycles 3 and 4). This sum is deductible from the registration fees once it is finalized.

We welcome in priority the students who seem to us to be able to benefit the most from our pedagogy. The match between the educational project of the family and that of the Lab School is also taken into consideration. We wish, as far as possible, to achieve a balance between pupils whose mother tongue is French, English or bilingual, and between girls and boys. For students from cycle 3 (levels CM1, CM2 and middle school), a minimum intermediate level of English because part of the lessons take place in English. We also want to welcome students from different socio-economic backgrounds, as well as 10 to 20% of students with specific educational needs (to be defined in advance with the families and, if necessary, the MDPH).


In order to welcome children and families from all backgrounds to the Lab School Paris, we have set up a scholarship system.

Depending on their income, families can apply for grants - partial or total - which are awarded after examination of the files by a committee made up of members of the steering committee and the educational council. The commission takes into account on the one hand the parents' income, on the other hand the individual situation of families (number of children, additional income, etc.).

The number of children  which can be entered in each price bracket is limited and fixed in advance, so as to preserve the financial balance of the establishment. It depends on the subsidies and sources of income that the school manages to generate in addition to the tuition fees paid by the parents.

Payment is made at the start of the term, over 10 months (September to June of the current school year). A solidarity contribution of 25 € per child per month is added to the school fees: it is paid by everyone and can be intended to reduce the cost of schooling or certain services for the families who need it the most, or to finance other projects (outings, green class, etc.).

Download the rate sheet of your desired grade


The  school supplies (at most 90 € for the school year) are not included in the  prices.

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