Happiness week at school continues!

Updated: Mar 31

We've shared with you the first few days of our Happiness Week at LabSchool and we hope it has inspired you. If you haven't discovered the article yet, you can read it here: https://en.labschool.fr/post/news-from-happiness-in-school-week

We want to share with you the continuation of Happiness Week and the activities we did over the past two days.

Cycle 2

On Thursday, the theme was altruism! The Cycle 2 class did the "Caregiver" activity (see SBE booklet), in which the students picked the name of the person they should take care of during the day. Each student had a "caretaker". During this time, students gave attention and encouragement to their peers. Some of the children showed great pleasure in being encouraged by their peers!

On Friday, Cycle 2 talked about the happiness of sharing and altruism. So, they put together their ideas and decided to start a collection to help Ukraine. The donations will be brought to the collection of the 11th district town hall. This week was very enriching for everyone!

Later in the day, the students also participated in a workshop about brain function, during which we talked about what to do to take care of the brain. The students talked about the importance of sleeping well, eating well, relaxing and always learning. These concepts are essential to living a healthy life, which contributes greatly to happiness!

Cycle 3

The Cycle 3 class created a philanthropy acrostic for the Operation Philanthropy contest with 1jour1actu. They created a text using the word "philanthropy" in French and English.

During the growth mindset day on Friday, the students did the casserole activity (see SBE booklet). During the activity, the children first shared what the growth mindset is, and gave examples from their daily lives during which they used this mindset. Some of them talked about learning the French language, or learning to rollerblade. After creating their cocottes, they finally played together. They really enjoyed sharing and it allowed them to increase their developmental mindset through a fun activity.