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We RESiST: Empowering Students for a Sustainable Future

Illustration of the "We RESiST" project
A project fostering active citizenship and climate action in schools

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and empowering the next generation to tackle it is crucial. This is the driving force behind the We RESiST project (We Rethink Environmental Sustainability in Schools Together) – a name inspired by the Midnight Oil’s song We Resist –, to promote active citizenship among secondary school students.

This European project, funded by Erasmus+, builds previous initiatives like Bridges Over Troubled Waters and LabSchoolsEurope: Participatory Research for Democratic Education. It involves a new collaboration between the two laboratory schools – Labyrinth Brno in the Czech Republic and Lab School Paris in France.

The We RESiST Project

We RESiST will take place during the 2024-2025 academic year and aims to inspire and equip students to take meaningful action against climate change. The project also aims to foster a sense of initiative and critical thinking in young people, encouraging them to engage with climate issues both locally and globally. The project combines STEM, arts and humanities to provide a comprehensive approach to climate education and aims at:

  1. Promoting Active Citizenship: By involving students in the planning and execution of the project, We RESiST empowers them to become proactive in their communities

  2. Raising Climate Awareness: Through the creation of a documentary and a survey on climate knowledge and attitudes, the project aims to inform and engage a broader audience

  3. Building Skills: Students will develop research, communication, and practical skills, from conducting interviews and filming to analyzing data and publishing their findings

What will we do?

Project Weeks

  • October 2024 in Paris: Students and teachers from both schools will collaborate on the initial phase of the documentary and collaborative research, focusing on the theoretical and practical aspects of climate change.

  • April 2025 in Brno: Participants will finalize the documentary and prepare a research paper for publication. This phase includes a student conference on sustainable development.

Monthly Webinars

  • Over the course of the project, students will participate in eight online seminars featuring guest speakers from various fields related to climate change. These sessions will be recorded and made available online.

Who can participate?

The project will mainly be led by the students from Labyrinth Brno and Lab School Paris (aged 14-17), facilitated by their teachers. However, Students and teachers from other schools are most welcome to join us, for instance, to attain the online seminars or other actions.

What outcomes do we expect?
  • Documentary Film: Showcasing interviews and observations of individuals and organizations working on climate initiatives

  • Research Paper: Creating a survey on climate change attitudes and knowledge and published our results

  • Enhanced Skills: Gaining experience in research, media production, and collaborative work

  • Broader Impact: The project aims to create a ripple effect, encouraging more schools to engage with climate education and action

Why "We RESiST Matters"

The urgency of addressing climate change cannot be overstated. We RESiST not only educates but also motivates students to take collective action, recognizing that individual efforts, while important, are not sufficient on their own. By documenting and participating in climate initiatives, students will not only learn about the challenges but also contribute to solutions.

Stay tuned for updates on our documentary, webinars, and other project milestones!

Contact informations

For more information about We RESiST, please contact:


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