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A laboratory school is a school affiliated to a university department or a teacher training structure.

Three complementary activities are associated with a lab school: teaching, training and research. Because of this structure, a link is naturally created between education and research, which allows the school to “Develop and test new approaches, by modeling the best practices” ( Cucchiara, 2010 ).

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What Is a Lab School?

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Our educational project

The Lab School Paris is an innovative, bilingual, united, secular, and eco-responsible school. It supports children in acquiring knowledge, skills, and culture from the Ministry of Education’s curriculum, while paying particular attention to the development of socio-emotional skills (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, empathy, etc.). It aims to transform pupils into responsible, enlightened, autonomous, supportive, and blooming citizens.

Hybrid pedagogy

The pedagogy of the Lab School Paris relies on a hybrid approach, that is to say it is a synthesis inspired by contributions from different approaches. On the one hand, it draws on the contribution of pioneers in educational innovation, such as Maria Montessori, Célestin Freinet, John Dewey, Alexander Neill or Rudolf Steiner. On the other hand, it uses the current research in educational sciences and in other fields such as psychology, sociology, neuroscience, philosophy and anthropology. It functions in collaboration with the pedagogical council and the researchers of the Lab School Network. The educational team takes into account studies which scientifically evaluate teaching practices -both from the point of view of academic success and one’s well-being at school- and put them into work with children.

via mutual immersion

The simultaneous teaching of disciplines in two languages is the model chosen by the school. It is based on co-teaching in two languages and on the presence of children in the class whose language levels of French and English vary from beginner to native. 


The teaching team functions in pairs of French and English-speaking teachers. The supervision ratio is one teacher for a maximum of 15 children. 

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