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Music at Lab School Paris

Updated: Mar 12

Music is playing an increasingly important role at Lab School, thanks to the enthusiasm of Erin Sharpe, who joined the team in September 2022 after fifteen years in Japan!

The benefits of music on health, cognitive function and well-being have been demonstrated by numerous research studies, which has led our team to attach particular importance to it. That’s why not only do all pupils benefit from a weekly music lesson from first grade onwards, but extra-curricular workshops are also offered for the youngest students, with an introduction to the xylophone and ukulele.

One of the school-wide aims is to develop a progression throughout the school years that will enable pupils to better understand and appreciate music in all its forms, without necessarily following a musical curriculum outside school. The aim is also to create a favourable framework for pupils who wish to go further:

  • the European Bridges over troubled waters project has led to the creating of a young rock band, Something about Tuesdays

  • a summer course on the theme of film music was organised in Brittany with two talented musicians: Isabelle Garnier, cellist, storyteller and member of the Vaiment Songe company, and Olivier Daviaud, composer, pianist and cellist

  • preparation for the Advanced Placement Music Theory exams will be offered to high school students in 2023-2024

  • once the Lab School has obtained official accreditation for the International Baccalaureate, students who so wish will be able to prepare the music option for the Diploma Programme (starting in the 2024-2025 academic year)

  • a rehearsal studio has been fitted out and equipped on the Lab School’s new premises in Montreuil.

And that’s just the beginning: we’re currently working on developing a space for reflection and experimentation on musical creation and teaching: the Lab School Music Factory... More in the next episode!

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What are the objectives of offering extra-curricular workshops on xylophone and ukulele for the youngest students?

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