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Marlène Martin

Educational Director

Marlène Martin has a degree in psychology and sociology (University of Paris 7), is a winner of the competitive examination for school teachers (CRPE, Orléans-Tours Academy) and holds two masters degrees in educational sciences (University of Rouen). She is passionate about educational approaches based on cognitive sciences, whether they are aimed at children or adults. She is a specialist in learning to read, in inclusion schemes for special needs students and in bilingual teaching. She is currently working on the issue of co-intervention in the classroom, as part of a thesis at the University of Caen.

Since 2007, Marlène has been an editor at L'Instant présent, a publishing house dedicated to pedagogy and the humanities; she is particularly keen to make works on innovations in education and psychology accessible to the French-speaking public and has notably translated a book in the famous Visible Learning series by New Zealand researcher John Hattie, What Science Knows About Learning (2020).

After her experience as a local councillor in charge of associations and the environment, she developed an activity as a consultant in educational engineering and training; she also manages the Early Childhood division of the think tank #Leplusimportant, which works for the development of skills of young people and groups in difficulty.

In 2017, she joined the Lab School Paris project to support teachers and staff in the implementation of research-inspired pedagogical approaches.

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