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Océane Dujat

Francophone Teacher - 3rd/4th grade

Originally from France, Océane lived in French Polynesia until she came of age and then returned to France to study. Océane first obtained a degree in wine which allowed her to work in Australia and New Zealand. Rich of this first job, she traveled a lot. It was during her travels that she taught English in an association in Cambodia.  This experience fascinated her and encouraged her to continue in this direction by passing the teaching exam. Océane thus became a school teacher in 2017 after a master's degree in Teaching, Education and Training. During her master's degree, she was introduced to research with a thesis on teacher support. In order to develop and improve her teaching, she is constantly interested in different research on teaching, different pedagogies and didactics for learning.

She loves languages and is passionate about French as a foreign language and multilingualism in schools.


Her years in the field have allowed her to develop a pedagogy based on benevolence and well-being at school. Passionate about her job and pedagogy at the service of the child, she is always looking for new pedagogy to improve her teaching.

After a year in Sacramento at the Alliance Française, Océane returned to Paris and decided to join the Labschool team.

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