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Create an alternative school on the model of lab schools

Next training on 07/11/2020

46 rue de Montreuil, 75011 PARIS

Hosted by Pascale Haag and Marlène Martin.

120 euros for non-members of the Lab School association.

100 euros for members.

Are you interested in alternative pedagogies?
Do you want to create a school?


Have you also made these observations?

  • Children who are afraid of being wrong and feel anxious at school.

  • Teachers dissatisfied with their training and who wish to learn more about the world of educational research.

  • Disappointing results in international assessments (Pisa, Timss…).


Take action! Come and train at the Lab School Paris


With our experience following the opening of the first lab school in France in 2017, we wish to share our philosophy and our knowledge so that new schools whose pedagogy is based on research can emerge in France or abroad. 'foreign.

Lab schools, or “laboratory-schools”, are innovative schools backed by university departments. They have existed in North America since the end of the 19th century (for example, those of UCLA or Toronto ).




What you will learn:


  • Learn what a lab school is and locate this type of school in the educational landscape.

  • Design, evaluate and adapt your school project according to the criteria defining lab schools.

  • Create links between the actors of the network of lab schools and with the actors of research.

This training is for you if you:


  • Consider setting up or transforming a school.

  • Are primary / secondary teachers in post and wish to teach in a lab school /

  • Are researchers and want to accompany a lab school.

  • Are just curious and want to invest in education.

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